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AutoNumbers - Advanced Configuration - Re-applying Button to a Layout.
How to Re-Apply a Schema to a AutoNumbers Button from inside the ACT! / FillStaff Layout.
Before proceding be sure you have already attempted to Configure your AutoNumbers buttom
 from outsite of the Layout. AutoNumbers Settings >     Click Here     
AutoNumbers ACT! add-on from
is used in our Fill Staff 2010 and 2011 ACT! add-on product.
Example below:
To fix error message from the AutoNumbers Button called: Assign_Contact_Record_ID
located in the upper right hand corner of the main screen layout view.
That button assigns a value to the field called: Contact_Record_ID
When you add a new contact and click the Save button, the Assign_Contact_Record_ID button
will automatically assign a new unique number to each contact record.
In ACT! - Fill Staff, from top Toolbar, open your desired Fill Staff Layout
Design Layouts
Right mouse click on the appropriate AutoNumbers Button
and select : Select AutoNumbers Scheme as seen in image below
then as seen in image below
select the appropriate scheme from the drop down: Assign_Contact_Record_ID
click OK
Save your Layout and exit layout.
You may need to re-check your AutoNumbers Settings after re-applying Schema to Button.
AutoNumbers Settings >   Click Here   .
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Online help   AutoNumbers for ACT! Records

How to add an AutoNumber button to your layout


Sharing an Autonumber

If your users are connected to the same network
Only users connected to the same network can share an Autonumber.
If your users are connected to the same network, just make sure that you store your data folder in a location accessible to everyone. The data folder location is set under Options>Preferences. If all your users point to that same location, they will be incrementing the same number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In such a scenario, it might be wise to disable the display prompt screen option, as one user might leave the prompt open long enough for another user to have the time to pick the same number (the number is only incremented when you dismiss the prompt dialog box).
If your users are not connected to the same network (satellite databases)
If your users are not connected to the same network they cannot share the same automatically incremented number. How can you then create a unique number? There are a couple of ways:
 ■You can give them difference a different initial number: for instance, John starts at 100000 and Bob at 200000
 ■Using the syntax editor, you can insert the initials of the record manager field so that the number starts or ends with a distinct identifier.